For Goodness Sake Food

For Goodness Sake Food was an idea put into motion in January 2019. While struggling with health problems and extra weight, yo-yo diets never seemed to help. I stumbled across the concept of juicing during a bit of insomnia and decided to try it out. It seemed to work like magic for me! Adding the nutrition in to my diet that my body actually needed seemed to reset my health. I have done several juice-only feasts and continue to juice for myself.

I was so passionate about my new hobby and many friends could tell the difference without ever knowing what I was doing. I began sharing my juices and healthy treats with friends and family and it was widely accepted! I knew I wanted to juice on a regular basis, but life always seems to get in the way and its easy and convenient to fall back into bad habits. I needed to find a way to be held accountable. So why not juice for other people? and the business idea was born!

The goal with For Goodness Sake is not about making a big profit or having a million customers. Our goal is to get good healthy ingredients available to our community at an affordable price. Our items are priced just slightly above our costs, which allows everyone to experience excellent nutrition without breaking the bank.

We are happy you are here and hope to see you in the near future!

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715 S. Taylor St.
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Jerry’s Restaurant #37

Welcome to Jerry’s

Jerry’s restaurants were originally founded by the Goucher family in 1964. The chain grew to over 50 locations throughout the western states. The concept, named after Grandma Goucher’s son, Jerry, was based on the many popular coffee shop style restaurants of the time. Simple, classic, American food served in a friendly, always open, environment was a winner then, and to this day, proves to be something that continues to resonate with both young and old alike.

See menu on the website listed above.

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1801 W. Williams Ave
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La Fiesta

Our restaurant is a an experience built around an environment of culture, fantastic food, and fun. We are happy to serve Fallon with hospitality and diligence in mind.

Voted best of Fallon for over five years. We try to take our rule of dining from the guest’s perspective to establish our award winning service to all.

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60 W. Center St
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Pizza Hut


Download the official Pizza Hut app for the easiest way to order your favorite pizza, wings, desserts and more! We’ve added contactless ordering features, so you and your family can get your favorite pizza without worry. Our app is designed for pizza lovers, making fast food delivery and takeout even easier.

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615 E. Williams Ave.
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