Oasis Springs Casino

A great place to get away for a little fun and a chance to win cash. We are always here waiting to give you good service and add a little spice to your day. Come and play our promo games another chance just for you to win some extra cash.

Oasis Springs Casino is right next to Skips Market.Good Food, Bonus Games Played almost daily. Good Friends always found inside.

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4901 Reno Highway
Fallon, Nevada 89406 US


(775) 867-5777 (Main)

The Depot

The Depot Casino & Restaurant facility currently exists in the original 1907 train depot which was built about the same time as Butch Cassidy and his gang came through the area for the last time.

The community of Fallon was born during the California Gold Rush when exhausted travelers stopped along the Carson River after crossing the 40-Mile Desert, one of the deadliest stretches along the Emigrant Trail. This spot on the river was called “Ragtown” because of the clothes and blankets that were seen drying, hanging from wagons and trees. Present day Fallon is just six miles east of that early settlement.

Interest in a rail connection between Fallon and the Southern Pacific line to the west finally surfaced in 1903, and local ranchers and businessmen commissioned a preliminary survey in April of that year. Promotional and planning meetings were held during the next year and $60,000 was pledged in May 1904. Southern Pacific officials were discussing an extension east from Hazen by that time and a group of Californians were promoting the construction of an electric interurban line.

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875 W. Williams Ave.
Fallon, NV 89406 US


(775) 423-2411 (Main)
(775) 423-6092 (Fax)