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About CC Communications
Serving Churchill County Since 1889

CC Communications is deeply rooted in the history of Churchill County, Nevada. Since 1889 we have been serving Churchill County, first as the local telegraph company, then as the local telephone company and today as a full service state of the art telecommunications provider.

CC Communications serves the residents and businesses of Churchill County with local and long distance telephone service, high-speed Internet access, Digital Television, and home, personal, and business security monitoring.

With an experienced staff of 60 employees, CC Comm has built an organization that is dedicated and responsive to the needs of our customers. We recognize that there are many ways for people to communicate in the 21st Century and we have made the business decision, built an infrastructure, and acquired the expertise to enable the citizens and businesses of Churchill County to take advantage of today’s communications tools at very affordable prices.

“Big Enough to deliver, small enough to care” is more than just a company slogan, it is the way CC Communications has been doing business for over a century. It also represents the pride of Churchill County itself.

Quick Facts About CC Communications

  1. CC Communications donates approximately $40,000 a year to various nonprofit organizations within Churchill County.
  2. CC Communications is deeply involved in the Wishing Tree Program, Relay for Life and the Teddy Bear Tea every year.
  3. CC Communications is the only county-owned telephone company in the country.
  4. CC Communications has a $30 million yearly impact on the local economy of Churchill County.
  5. Only 18% of homes in the United States have fiber to the home access. CC Communications provides fiber to the home availability to 70% of Churchill County now and plans to make it available to 98% at a total expenditure of $40M-plus.
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899 S. Maine St.
Fallon, NV 89406 USA


(775) 423-7171 (Main)
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Nevada Computer Works

Nevada Computer Works offers support in your home, or business.

Windows Renew Service
Computer Tune-Up
New Computer Setup
Virus and Malware Removal
Hardware Installs & Upgrades
Data Recovery

Cell phone & Tablet Repairs
Laptop Screen Repairs
Laptop Power Jack Repairs
Refurbished Computer Sales

“Our on-site visit cost is $75… per hour with a one hour minimum.

We offer a monthly subscription service.

We offer monitoring and backup services for home and small business. This service includes virus protection, daily data backup, and monitoring of updates and application errors. Should a problem occur, we can remotely address the issue, or will come on-site to fix it if needed, at no extra cost. The cost for this service is $30 per month for home or $40 for businesses.

We will create a appealing website so your customers and prospective new customers can easily find you on the web.

We have three Website Design Plans and three Monthly Subscription packages to fit you needs and budget.

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981 W. Williams Ave.
Fallon, NV 89406 USA


(775) 423-3122 (Main)

Wacky Eagle Technologies

Web Development, Tech Consulting, and Life Coaching

I’m Jack, the three-legged furry assistant, helping my human, Scott manage his super busy schedule! He is a wizard when it comes to juggling ADHD & life’s potholes, tech consulting, and some seriously nifty web stuff. He’s been in the web world for over 26 years, but don’t let his geeky side fool you; he’s as playful as I am when chasing my tail!

My walks often take us down the main street of Fallon, maybe we will bump into you one day. I love scratches.
scott robertson head shot | wacky eagle tech | roadCEO
Tech Consulting & Web DevelopmentWacky Eagle Tech logoScott isn’t just any tech guy. He transforms tech headaches into wins worth howling over. Whether it’s a pesky bug on your website or a need for a shiny new digital home, Scott’s your guy. And, oh boy, does he love making those web bits and bytes behave!

He can assist with a range of web development tasks, from managing WordPress and Shopify platforms to crafting custom themes and coding websites from scratch. His skills also extend to optimization, managing large-scale websites, and effective troubleshooting. he knows all these wacky coding things, they smell funny to me: PHP, SQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Python, and Bash. This includes working with Natural Language Processing (NLP), writing custom scrappers, creating custom API, and of course interacting with various third-party APIs. Additionally, he has a degree in something called Unix/Linux which is used on most web servers. Its enough to make my furry head spin!

For more information checkout Wacky Eagle Tech and check out examples of our work. Life Coaching – Conquer Life’s PotholesroadCEO coaching logoScott will guide you through mastering challenges like lack of action, overwhelm, lack of organization, and struggles with decision making. They are just potholes in the journey of life. Unlock your potential with a dash of wackiness and a whole lot of savvy strategy. Ready to transform those ADHD quirks into your superpowers? Let’s journey together toward better productivity, focus, and overall well-being.

With Scott’s guidance, you’ll discover practical strategies tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you can tackle life’s hurdles with confidence. Let’s turn those challenges into stepping stones for success!

For more information checkout roadCEO coaching.Pricing That’s A Walk In The Parkrake in the money with Wack Eagle TechJust like chasing squirrels, we keep things simple. Scott’s rate is $65 an hour for all your coaching, consulting, and web development needs. No confusing packages or sneaky squirrels adding fees here. And guess what? Every new client or project gets a free consultation. Let’s make your tech troubles vanish like a bone, yyyuuuummm munch crunch! Add some fun and expertise to your journey. Let us add some fun and expertise to your professional journey? Whether you’re looking to revamp your digital presence or find new ways to manage your ADHD, we’re here to help.

Reach out, let’s chat! (I promise Scott does all the talking; I just do the charming and tail wagging, none of us bite.) Simply drop me an email scott@WackyEagle.com or schedule a complimentary consultation.

(Remember, Scott’s a bit of a night owl, so double-check am/pm when booking!)

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Zip Local

Zip Local Provides

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Print Advertising

Pick up your local Zip Local phone book at the
Fallon Chamber of Commerce.

About ZipLocal
ZipLocal is a marketing company that specializes in helping local businesses reach their target customers using a variety of advertising mediums. We can help get you results by providing an effective digital marketing strategy that includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Video Clip Production
  • Business Directory Advertisements

Pick up your local Zip Local phone book at the Fallon Chamber of Commerce.

Our Story

ZipLocal was founded in 1971 as Phone Directories Company, providing traditional yellow page advertising solutions for local businesses through a network of local phone directories.

As the company grew and advertising opportunities began to develop online, the company was rebranded as ZipLocal, and we have expanded our services beyond yellow page directories to include a full suite of digital marketing solutions. 

Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools they need to reach their target customers and find success in their local markets. We strive to build results-driven marketing solutions that produce new business for our clients throughout the United States.

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