Nevada Veteran’s Coalition

Our mission is to provide support to the Nevada Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery by organizing fund raising events, special site improvements, emergency equipment and supplies, volunteer labor and veterans awareness programs. Additional missions of this organization will include special events promoting public awareness in regards to the purpose of the facility and the organization of any commemorative event ceremonies.

We are a group of Veterans and non-Veterans, whose main focus is to support the Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery (NNVMC). It is not a requirement to be a veteran to be part of the Nevada Veterans Coalition or Honor Guard. The Nevada Veteran’s Coalition was originally chartered July 1992 as the Veterans Memorial Cemetery Support Group of Northern Nevada.

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Smith Family Funeral Home

The grieving process is difficult to navigate, especially when it is up to you to make funeral arrangements. While sometimes funeral arrangements have been made, other times it is up to you to plan and make decisions. Someone who can help you with this process is a funeral director. Funeral directors provide a variety of services that extends far past the execution of the funeral and organizing some flowers

Funeral directors do more than one may think, and their primary goal is always to help families and friends remember their loved ones in a respectful fashion that helps with the grieving process. They are skilled professionals and want to help alleviate as many stressors as possible so that you can have the opportunity to mourn peacefully.

Smith Family Funeral Homes is here for you and your family. Whether you need to pre-arrange services or you have recently lost a loved one we invite you to come and visit us. We will help you throughout the process and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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