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Vogue Linen is the Ideal Partner For Nevada Businesses

Our mission is to provide the kind of personalized and high-quality service that will propel your business to the forefront of your industry. We offer reliable products and services specially tailored to industrial and food & beverage businesses.

Vogue Linen can outfit your staff with high-quality, always clean uniforms, linen, and facility services that maintain professionalism and safety.


Every industry has its own unique challenges and dangers. Vogue Linen utilizes many decades worth of knowledge and experience to provide staff with clean, comfortable, professional-looking apparel they need to succeed. Our industrial workwear is durable and able to withstand the rigors of continued use in demanding environments. We also offer food & beverage uniforms that help staff stand out and perform at their best.


We offer durable, absorbent towels that will help maintain cleanliness no matter the mess. Our aprons are ergonomic and well-suited for a variety of environments where keeping staff clean is a priority. Specialty food & beverage linens are also available and are the perfect materials to update decor and attract more customers. Additionally, we supply spotless tablecloths and napkins that add elegance and visual appeal to dining areas.


High-quality, professionally maintained mats protect customers, employees, and the business as a whole. Additionally, they improve the appearance and comfort of every room they’re used in! Vogue Linen provides all sizes and colors of mats for purchase or rent for businesses looking to improve safety or appearance. Full customization options are also available, with or without company logo.

Facility Services

The sanitary condition of a business says a lot to customers and staff. Say all the right things with help from Vogue Linen’s facility cleaning products! Our durable mats keep outside elements from entering and getting all over your floors. Absorbent mops take care of floor care beyond our high-quality mats. We also equip your facility with the products it needs to maintain cleanliness in the restroom as well as health and safety with first aid products.

First Aid Supply

Keep employees and the business safe with an effortless first aid supply restocking and inventory service through Vogue Linen. The first aid kits and supplies we provide stand up to OSHA’s regulations regarding first-aid availability, and constant monitoring ensures materials are never out of date.

Ice Melt

Keep a steady supply of ice melt through Vogue, and be prepared for anything Nevada throws our way! We provide Elements 50lb bags for all your snow management needs. Elements Ice Melt is pet friendly, better for concrete, plant-friendly, and colored green for application ease and consistency.

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Locations We Work in

Any business in Northeast Nevada is no doubt already familiar with our extensive lineup of high-quality products and services. If your industrial or food & beverage business operates in the following areas, then you can sign up for reliable, top-notch solutions today!


FALLON, Battle Mountain, Carlin, Carson City, Contact, Crescent Valley, Currie, Dayton, Elko, Ely, Eureka, Fernley, Golconda, Hawthorne, Jackpot, Lamoille, Lovelock, Lund, McGill, North Fork, Owyhee, Reno, Ruby Valley, Silver Springs, Sparks, Spring Creek, Valmy, Wells, Wendover, Winnemucca and Yerington

Family-Owned and Operated Since 1946

Vogue Linen is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Nevada since September 4th, 1946. We were founded by Jim and Gene Meeks and are based in Elko. We are a local partner to many businesses in Nevada that seeks to form lasting relationships with our clients. Our business contributes greatly to the communities we serve by bolstering the local economy, hiring locally, and controlling our environmental impact. Working with us has helped communities thrive for decades. We hope to continually do great things for the people we serve by providing the best products and services in Nevada!

High Tech Processing Facility

One of the many secrets to our success is our high-tech 55,000 square foot processing facility. We have heavily invested in quality control, with the most advanced machinery, sophisticated tracking systems, and well-trained specialists in the nation. This allows us to maintain a level of consistency with our products and services that you won’t find anywhere else!

The Vogue Linen Difference

Consistency is paramount here at Vogue Linen. We provide products and services exactly as advertised with no hidden fees or fine print. Our deliveries are always on time with no damaged or missing items, no matter what the Nevada weather has to throw at us. Our business promotes both a strong sense of community-mindedness and a healthy work environment that keeps both customers and employees coming back for more. We have an extremely low turnover rate for both due to our commitment to service and quality.


  • Competitively priced products and quality service
  • Exceeded customer expectations and lasting partnerships
  • Enriching, fulfilling, and rewarding environment for our employees
  • Long-term relationships with our vendors and suppliers
  • Service and support of our community

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