Medicare Covered Testing

Aging into Medicare on your 65th birthday is a rite of passage for many older adults—one that means navigating the system, selecting supplemental coverage in many cases, and understanding what Medicare does and does not cover. For some, Medicare is confusing, but the good news is it is also very comprehensive and covers most medically necessary tests a doctor would order, says insurance advisor Karen Cavasini-Esch, who’s been helping adults with Medicare and related plans since 1985.

“Almost everything I can think of testing-wise is covered, but tests must be prescribed,” Cavasini-Esch says. “Not knowing what preventive and health tests are available and covered could prevent some seniors from getting the tests they need. Or, if a test requires a co-pay that feels burdensome for those on a fixed income, older adults on Medicare could put off a lab test or screening. “Unfortunately, the bad things that happen to people healthwise tend to happen over the age of 65, so Medicare is highly utilized.”

How can you use Medicare for medical tests and screenings? This comprehensive resource lists all health tests and preventive screenings covered by Medicare so you can maximize your benefits.

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