Division of Child and Family Services

Main 775-423-8566
Address: 1735 Kaiser St
Fallon, Nevada 89406
Website: http://dcfs.nv.gov/
  • Involuntary Contact
  • Anyone can refer anonymously – Communication form will go to supervisor – and then to caseworker – because of confidentiality, there will not always be feedback
  • Referrals to other agencies
  • In-home counseling
  • In-home family support services (parenting, budgeting, etc. classes)
  • Foster care and recruitment
  • Independent living skills – age 15 and older for those children who are in the custody of the agency (wards of the State) so they will have those skills at 18 and 21 years of age.
  • New program in place that allows children to remain in the system until 21 years of age. They must follow the rules and guidelines to participate in the extended stay. Foster care payments would be made directly to them
  • Scholarship program for foster care children
  • ICPC – Interstate placement of children – monitoring those placements to ensure safety
  • Adoption services
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