Churchill County Public Guardian

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Main 775-423-8057
Address: 485 W. B Street #105
Fallon, Nevada 89406

Any individual who is stated to be in need of a guardianship maybe referred to Churchill County Social Services Department.

All individuals must have a psychological assessment before the referral is received, completed by a private individual who is medically qualified or otherwise licensed to complete such an assessment or by the State of Nevada Department of Human and Social Services by a person medically qualified or licensed to complete such an assessment.  

All referrals for county guardianship must be made through the Churchill County Social Services Department. All referrals must be accompanied by as much information as possible in the following areas including any and all documentation that is available.  
-Medical condition of the individual
-Doctor of the individual including doctor name, address & phone number
-Date last seen by doctor
-Names and Account numbers for all financial institutions
-Name, Address and Phone number of all relatives
-Local address and length of time where the individual has been living
-Income verification
-Documentation or statement to support reason for referral

  • Guardian services for indigent elderly adults who are wards of the court – financial, medical, and other decisions for those who cannot make them (have been declared incompetent/unable to handle their own affairs)
  • Communicate with the court
  • Make purchases of their supplies
  • Pay their bills
  • Visit them in facility, 1X per month or more
  • Referrals initiated through Shannon Ernst, Social Services
  • Resident of Churchill County
  • 60 years of age or up
  • No other source of pay
  • Doctor must sign off before application can be accepted

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