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2835 Country Club Drive
Fallon, Nevada 89406 USA

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Our Mission

To turn our passion and persistence into power with a steady aim at leveraging technology into an always-improving asset, giving clients the ability to soar to new heights, knowing they are backed by first-rate performance and commitment.

What We Do

Faucette Micro Systems, Inc. (FMS) is dedicated to developing quality custom and education software. Our education programs, WebIEP™ and Web504®, are the main focus of FMS, as it is our desire to meet a need for quality software in the field of education intervention. In addition to WebIEP and Web504, we also provide programming for custom extension applications for our education programs. We are currently working on a new project in pursuit of producing a program for SST and RtI in collaboration with a current client.

We have built our company on the philosophy that the client’s needs are the backbone of what we produce, and we aim to supply quality products that will result in ease and reduced effort for our clients.

Why We Are Unique

Think about how useful a program would be if your input was regularly considered and implemented. It is to this end that FMS is different from other software developers; our programs are client-designed rather than programmer-designed, always improving with the input and suggestions of users.

Web504, for example, was developed solely based on a client’s request. One of our clients approached us and asked if we would be willing to work with them in pursuit of developing a program for writing and managing Section 504 plans. This client is still very involved in Web504’s continual improvements in an effort to constantly advance the program.

As we have developed and improved our education programs over the years, we have always valued the input of our clients. In many cases, one of our programmers will conduct a phone conference with a client to discuss possible changes to one of the programs in an effort to further tailor software to fit each individual customer. Because we allow clients to have a say in the design and features of our programs, each client’s version of the software is somewhat unique. For instance, one client may want an extra feature added, while another client might want a feature removed. Those two clients end up with two different versions of the same program, each customized for their needs.

Since those in the field of education have to be ever conscious of the costs involved in every facet of education, we at FMS strive to keep our products priced attractively and affordably. We work closely with clients in an effort to produce quality results that will give life to their ideas while also being cost effective.

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