Wacky Eagle Technologies

Wacky Eagle Technologies, a small web agency with over 26 years of digital expertise, is seeking a part-time manager. Our founder, Scott, a dedicated night owl with ADHD, requires a proficient individual who excels in communication and organization.

This role is pivotal in maintaining efficient client relations, including correspondence, follow-ups, assistance with billing and invoices, and ensuring project clarity within the team. Your responsibilities will also extend to aiding Scott in keeping project objectives clear and on track.

## Key Responsibilities:
    – Maintaining efficient client relations, including correspondence and follow-ups.
    – Assisting with billing and invoices.
    – Ensuring project clarity and answering team questions.
    – Aiding in maintaining project objectives and clarity.

## Requirements:
    – English must be the first language.
    – Some familiarity with technology is beneficial, though extensive tech background is not required.

## Application Process:
    To apply for this position, please complete our designated Google Form at https://forms.gle/S9H4fHHoPHedSvQn9

    Contacting us through any means other than the Google form will result in disqualification from the application process. We are committed to a fair and organized selection procedure, and adherence to this guideline is crucial.

Join us at Wacky Eagle Technologies and contribute to a team that values innovation, efficiency, and a touch of wackiness!


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