The Homestead Availability List

Availability 8/21/2023

Senior Living- Base Rate

  • No Vacant Female Shared Room/4 to Bathroom- $2,550 per month

Newly Remodeled Senior Living
 Sagebrush Suites-
Base Rate

  • 1 Private Room/2 to Bathroom -$3,740 per month
    (with private access to courtyard)
  • 2 Shared Room/2 to Bathroom- $2,940 per month

Memory Care: Tumbleweed Terraces-

  • 2 Private Room – $5,750 per month
  • 2 Female Shared Room- $4,550 per month

Secure any AVAILABLE room with $1,000 deposit

We offer a 5% discounted first month for Veterans

Shared Rooms are 2-person only and very spacious

We include furniture, and all rooms have bathrooms attached

We accept Medicaid and do a lot for residents with Dementia in our Senior Living area, as well as our Memory Support

We also offer Respite stays!

We accept the Respite Grant provided by the Alzheimer’s Association
Very easy to qualify for, and pays for about a week of 24-hr care!

Do you know a Caregiver who needs a break? Interested in an application and getting more details?
 Call us today for more information!

Lauren Conner (Email)
775.428.2428 (Office)
775.276.0670 (Mobile)