Fallon Community Events

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2040 Reno Hwy #242
Fallon, Nevada 89406 USA

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775-315-6571 (Main)

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The purposes of Fallon Community Events are exclusively those allowed for organizations
defined under §501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Within these limits, the purposes of
Fallon Community Events include the following:
• To help Veterans, senior citizens, and the homeless with daily living expenses, such
as hygiene products, groceries, utilities, and housing.
• To facilitate and provide low cost and alternative housing for people without houses
in the Churchill County area, with the creation of a Tiny Home Community.
• To advocate for laws that permit safe and legal places to sleep.
• To create and foster programs that will promote and assist community residents to
learn job skills and become financially independent.
• To build a community events center to provide a place for the entire community to
gather, with rental funds providing some of the finances needed to accomplish our
• To address other issues relating to homelessness as identified by the Board.

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